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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: 7Shifts

Year: 2021

Type: 2D/3D/Hand Drawn Animation

Duration: 02:01


This captivating video shows the transformative power of 7shifts, an all-in-one labor management platform designed to revolutionize team management in the restaurant industry.

In this video, we employed a combination of 2D animation and dynamic 3D camera flies to bring the story to life. The animation also includes frame-by-frame animation sequences, allowing for detailed and engaging visuals. 

Through this project, our aim is to demonstrate how 7shifts simplifies and streamlines restaurant workflows, making team management a breeze.

2D Animation

Vadim Luks

Lesha Rovkov

Alex Tumanov

Ivan Popov

Max Tleubaev

Alexey Goncharov

Hand Drawn Animation

Igor Oleynikov

Valeria Bogdanova

Sound Design

Denis Blinov


Alex Tumanov


Darya Semenova


Darya Semenova


& Process

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