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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Legatum

Year: 2021

Type: 2D/Hand Drawn Animation

Duration: 01:24


The animation video embodies the philosophy of an investment company focused on global prosperity. It showcases the mindset and commitment to service, highlighting the values and legacy of the company. 

To bring this message to life, the video utilizes captivating character animation. We employ a variety of techniques, including frame-by-frame animation, to showcase dynamic scenes like a bird in flight, symbolizing growth and opportunity. The characters are designed with a hand-drawn style, lending a soft and pleasant aesthetic. We incorporate different textures, adding depth and visual interest to the illustrations.

Through this animation, our goal is to inspire and engage viewers, conveying the core message that prosperity extends beyond mere financial resources.

2D Animation

Vadim Luks

Lesha Rovkov

Alex Tumanov

Stepan Potoskuev

Max Tleubaev

Ivan Popov

Hand Drawn Animation

Igor Oleynikov

Sasha Tereshin

Sound Design

Denis Blinov



Stout Film & Troy Creative

Alex Tumanov

Stout Film & Troy Creative


Anna Yashina


Ilona Rybak


& Process

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