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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Traveller Chair

Year: 2024

Type: 3D Motion Design

Duration: 00:40 / 00:30

Traveller Chair 3d

Introducing our latest project: two captivating 3D animation videos showing the Traveller Chair.


The first video guides you through the effortless unfolding and folding process, while the second offers a mesmerizing 360° view of the chair's standout features.


Our goal was to present the product attractively, highlighting its design and providing a user-friendly video guide. Explore the Traveller Chair like never before - where innovation meets ease.


& Process

Camera Animation

Alexey Praprin

Alex Tumanov

Sound Design

Denis Blinov



Alex Tumanov

Modeling and remeshing

Anton Popkov

Alex Tumanov


Alex Tumanov

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