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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Baby Steps

Year: 2023

Type: 2D Animation

Duration: 01:45

Baby Steps

The heartwarming video crafted for Baby Steps, a free educational program for expectant mothers and their partners/families, takes viewers on a transformative journey that explores the challenges and triumphs of parenthood, emphasizing the support provided by the Baby Steps initiative.


Employing a rich blend of character animation our team utilized 2D animation techniques to bring this narrative to life. The scenes showcase a myriad of emotions and situations, with carefully designed characters set against a backdrop of changing locations, all within a vibrant and limited color palette


Our aspiration with this project is to shine a spotlight on the significance of programs like Baby Steps.


Vadim Luks

Vladislav Olshevskiy

Ivan Popov

Roman Dobrynin

Isaac Nascimento

Sound Design

Denis Blinov



Instinct Animations


Vadim Luks


Elena Tumanova


Veronika Vieyra


& Process

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