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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Tavant

Year: 2023

Type: 3D Motion Design

Duration: 01:32



Our motion video project focuses on showing the Touchless Lending® platform, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the lending process through the integration of AI, ML, analytics, and data solutions.

To bring this concept to life, we employed various visual elements. This included integrating 2D elements into the 3D environment, employing a limited color palette and textures, vibrant gradients, glass materials, animated textures, wide and close-up shots, camera movements, and object deformations.

Our goal was to create an attractive and easily understandable video that would resonate with the target audience. The Touchless Lending project proved to be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for our team. We pushed the boundaries of creativity while ensuring that the video effectively conveyed the platform's functionalities.


& Process

3D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Max Tleubaev

Alexey Goncharov

Giya Vald

2D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Max Tleubaev

Vadim Luks

Roman Dobrinyn

Vlad Olshevsky

Anton Popkov

Sound Design

Alexander Maslyk



Skyhaq Films

Alex Tumanov

2D Design

Veronika Vieyra

3D Design

Alex Tumanov

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