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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Creamy Animation

Year: 2020

Type: 2D/3D/Hand Drawn Animation

Duration: 01:06


We crafted a captivating branded video for Creamy Animation, an animation studio we have a long-standing partnership with.


We employed a dynamic 2D animation technique, incorporating a diverse range of characters with a carefully curated color palette and textured visuals. Additionally, we integrated elements of 3D and frame-by-frame animation to enhance the visual appeal and convey a compelling narrative.


Through this project, our goal was to help the agency to gain the attention and interest of the public by simplifying complex concepts and demonstrating how things work.

2D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Vadim Luks

George Vald

Max Tleubaev

Slava Romanov

Stas Tihomirov

Ivan Popov

3D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Hand Drawn Animation

Igor Oleynikov

Nastya Kislova

Sound Design

Denis Blinov



Creamy Animation

Alex Tumanov


Alex Tumanov

Artur Stotch

Veronika Vieyra


Artur Stotch

Veronika Vieyra


& Process

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