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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Time2Match

Year: 2018

Type: 2D/3D/Hand Drawn Animation

Duration: 01:29


This animated video showcases Mike's journey as he organizes a tennis competition. To simplify the process, he discovers—an intuitive web application connecting organizers and players.

Using 2D character animation, we bring Mike's story to life with colorful illustrations and textured visuals. We also incorporated frame-by-frame animation in select scenes for added impact.

Our aim with this project is to present as a time-saving solution for organizing tennis competitions.

2D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Oleg Kulinich

Vadim Luks

Anastasia Chihunova 

Anastasia Turaeva

Elizaveta Harchenko

3D Animation

Alex Tumanov

Hand Drawn Animation

Igor Oleynikov

Nastya Kislova

Sound Design

Daruma Audio


Alex Tumanov


Alex Tumanov,

Olesya Tkach


Olesya Tkach


& Process

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