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Motion Design &

Animation Studio

Client: Plasma Pay

Year: 2018

Type: 2D Animation

Duration: 00:55

Digital Banking

The promotional video introduces Plasma Pay, a powerful financial tool that unlocks new possibilities for individuals in managing finances, making purchases, and experiencing personal growth.

Utilizing a vibrant mix of visuals and dynamic animations, the video employs an engaging 2D animation style. The limited color palette and textured elements enhance the overall appeal of the scenes and characters.

With this video, our aim was to show the essence of financial liberty through Plasma Pay.


Alex Tumanov

Vadim Luks

Andrew Nesterov

Artem Mikhailov

Vladislav Olshevsky

Yevgeniy Astrakhantcev

Maxim Tleubaev

Sound Design

Denis Blinov


Alex Tumanov


Dima Glushenkov


Veronika Vieyra


& Process

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